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“I pray you buy for me a pot of the best sort of chaw [tea] in Meaco [Macau] ...” On June 27, 1615, Richard Wickham - Factor of the British East India Company in Japan, wrote to his colleague William Eaton in Macau.

Did you know that Macau was once the most important tea trading hub in history?

Although we do not produce tea in Macau, here at Tea Hub, you will find the best tea in the world.


Cold brewed tea: Compared to the traditional hot-brewed, cold brewing is a healthier way to enjoy tea.  When you steep tea in cold water there are less catechins and tannins, and its also a lot lower in caffeine. Research has also shown that the antioxidants within the tea leaves are better preserved.  Taste-wise, fewer tannins also result in a smoother, and naturally sweeter tea.

Cold brewing: Steep the tea bag in 300 - 400ml of water, leave it in the fridge for 8 hours and voila! Take out the tea bag and enjoy.