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From Marsberg into the whole world

Back to 1992, the story of Ritzenhoff’s designer brand commenced with a beautiful but rare sieger design collection, drawn by Dieter Sieger and mouth-blown and hand polished by the last craftsmen at th Marsberger Glashütte. The glass blowers were subsequently able to demonstrate their skills with designs in the Massimo Iosa Ghini collection ( 1993 ) and the fine stem glass series by Alessandro Mendini ( 1994 ). Those who possess exponents from these limited editions may count themselves lucky.

Because the expensive objects are more frequently found in museums than in people’s homes, the milk association then had the idea of creating a milk glass with a modern design that would bring milk back to the attention of consumers. However, the milk association found the ideas too modern so that sieger design and Ritzenhoff decided to realize the project without the association’s support - thus creating a design best-seller in the process.